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    Better Aligning All Stakeholders

    Patient | Doctor | Lab | DSO

  • Automation with Standards

    Occlusion optimization is core to Voyager Dental

    Quality results are the common goal.

    The future of design begins with a new platform, built from the ground up

    Voyager is next gen 3D Design for all specialties

    Addressing a labor Crisis

    easier to learn and use tools


    Faster than leading software

    Clinician Time

    Built to drive efficiency in clinic

    Raising the Bar

    Patient satisfaction is paramount

  • Data for Continuous Improvement

    Voyager delivers business intelligence on the "why" and "how" to make a difference, organizing practice management data to be actionable, underscoring the correlation between lab quality with chair time

    Time Intensive Care

    Problematic for Patients and Dentists alike, post insertion adjustments don't just negatively impact the bottom line, they impact the patient experience. Design impacts outcomes.

  • Patients are First Priority

    Custom with Consistency

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    We care about your results

    Leading with Denture & Implant

    Over 40 million americans are missing all of their teeth.


    In what is often an underserved and vulnerable population, we need better tools to deliver consistent quality and to drive efficency, to help clinicians better deliver the care results needed.


    Automation meets Quality.

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    Building on your experience


    Data informs the Journey

    Voyager views the future of AI, Smart Algorithms, and all things 3D to be best informed by clinical outcomes. The platfrom is focused with that end in mind. Your DSO, Lab, or Clinical site data can be baselined and monitored to help tailor results toward improvement trajectory for your organization.


    The Voyager Platform supports orthodontic applications, implants, and beyond, to advance standards across the sector.

  • Our Values

    Working Together for the Good of Patients

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    Better, Faster

    "As close to perfect as I have seen in any software!"

    - Digital Leader, Global Lab

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    Credentials, Team Success

    Determined to build better, the team is anchored by technology leaders who have built tech platforms in both dentistry and healthcare. Surrounded by Dental experts, and bolstered by leaders from National Labs, DSOs, Dental Software, & HealthCare IT successes, Voyager is on a defined trajectory forward.